What To Expect

If you’re searching for a church, all kinds of questions may float through your mind. Are they really a church or just a club? What do they think the Bible says about (insert contemporary issue here)? Are they “relevant?” What is there for me there? In short, what can I expect?

To answer the million dollar question: we worship God alone and teach the truth of His Word, and we do so unapologetically.

Beyond that, here’s what you can expect at New Hope Chapel:

  • You are welcome
  • You will be loved, not judged
  • There is something for the whole family
  • You can be a part of the church family

That’s it.

We love people because we are all not quite what we were created to be, and we worship God because He is the one who restores us and remakes us into what we were created to be. We welcome you as we walk in the new hope afforded us through Jesus.